About us

Our company was named after our founder: Christian Dierig – a famous and renowned name in the world of textiles. Endowed with ten thalers as seed-money, it was in 1805 when he founded a textile company in Langenbielau, Silesia. Up to the 1930’s it became the largest company in cotton in continental Europe. Still to date the Dierig-Group is a major player on the textile markets worldwide.

The Christian Dierig GmbH is proud of its past. And we are ambitious for the future with our damasks for export business and our technical textiles.

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Strong contrasts

In the business with damasks for Africa one needs to consider many things: the security situation, logistics, payments. The most important, however, is that the goods meet the customers’ demands. For one, the goods must be shiny, on the other hand the jacquard-woven designs must be rich in contrast after dyeing.

Customers in Africa are very conscious on quality and fashion. Every year, more than 1,800 new designs are created at the Dierig studios. Dyeing is made on-site then.

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Did you know

By the container
Up to the 1960’s sea-freight was hard manual labour. The dockers unloaded bag by bag, bale by bale, box by box. Then containers showed up and economy worldwide has changed ever since. We at Dierig also count containers for our textile companies on the international markets.


21 tons
21 tonsDon’t be fooled: textiles are no featherweights. One container with damasks for Africa will come up to 21 tons. And as several hundreds of containers are shipped every year for us, we are considered a “heavyweight” with our forwarding agents.

Incombustible, acid-resistant, bullet-proof
Technical textiles show stunning characteristics. Some fibres are clear as glass, others harder than steel and others again support higher weights than concrete does.

Here cotton-made fabrics are refined with sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3, not be mistaken for soda lye NaOH). Fibres will swell, curve and gain stability – thus enabling them to absorb dyestuff even better.

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For members of the middle and upper class in Africa, boubous are sought-after status symbols. They are as expensive as a quality suit in Middle Europe. And thus customers are demanding on quality and fashion.

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Abrasive and polishing discs

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts will know them as attachments for drilling machines. Polishing discs, however, are also used for industrial plants – in bigger sizes. What is technically and economically important: The raw materials used for polishing discs are just the same as those used for curtains – bought in huge quantities by BIMATEX, a sister company of the Christian Dierig GmbH. Yet, the markets are different. There are other specifications, standards – and the development of new technical textiles is a time consuming process.

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Fabrics for filtration

Fabrics for filtration are high-tech products. They clear apple juice, are used for the separation of pharmaceutical agents and pigments or will drain sludge. Dierig may offer the right fabric for those many uses and may also develop customised filtration fabrics for new demands.

In the end, only few filtrations are requested for a clear output. Customers want to have things clear.

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