Abrasive wheels and polishing discs as well as Solid/Liquid filtration fabrics, needle felt, fleeces and also technical yarns.

With the distribution of technical textiles Christian Dierig Ltd pick up an old function. The term „technical textiles“ describes fabrics, fleeces or needle felt used for engineering or industrial applications.


Currently Christian Dierig Ltd is mainly active on the market for technical textiles with two product groups: the distribution of filtration fabrics used to separate dust and suspended matters in liquids and the trading of textiles used to manufacture polishing discs.

Since 2014 Dierig has also developed and manufactured High-Tech fabrics for industrial filtration plants. Customers are predominantly manufacturers, thus manufacturers of industrial filters. Filters are utilized for many applications as the following examples will show. We cooperate worldwide with the most advanced weaving mills and have known our partners for a long time since they also produce non-technical fabrics for the Dierig Group. As compared to international standards our partners are top manufactures of non-technical and technical fabrics and are able to comply with any engineering requirement.

Please, do not hesitate to make an enquiry at filtration@dierig.de. We are happy to advise you and to make you an offer. For standard applications just let us know the properties required i.e. air permeability or application temperature and wether the area of application is acidic or alkaline and we will supply the suitable filtration fabrics. We would like to bring our textile know-how as a development partner into your service. Are you planning new applications? Are you dissatisfied with your current filters? Does an existing offer not meet your quality requirements? If so, we would like to get into cooperation with you and develope new filtration fabrics.

Our current range covers only a fraction of technical textiles. To us however technical textiles are an area of growth. Our textile know-how reaches far beyond the current area of applications. We are also a strong development partner for tarpaulins, fabrics for bullet proof waistcoats, propagation fleeces for the nursing of young plants, insulating materials, textiles for the automotive area, non-flammable materials, geotextiles and [Meditextilien]. Contact us via email: filtration@dierig.de .

Polishing discs and fabric for coated abrasives

Dierig has been supplying various types of cotton fabric to german and european toolmakers and mechanical engineers for many years now. Our fabric is used as raw material for manufacturing of various types of polishing discs and rings. These discs and rings are used for surface treatment of f.e. metal, plastics or wood.


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Process filtration for solid-liquid separation

The long-term expert knowledge with process filtration enables Dierig to supply a wide range of fabrics for various solid-liquid separation applications. There is a keen demand for fabrics for filter cloths, vacuum belt filters, automatic filter presses, as well as special fabrics for centrifuge bags and double-layer fabrics.


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Today fine and coarse sieves made from monofilament fabrics are widely used in many separation processes for instance in the colour and painting industry. Sieve fabrics are also used as conveyor belts in the food processing industry. Roll goods made from various polymers like PA, PET and PP with mesh openings from 150 to 4000 µm are part of the Dierig product range.


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Needle felt and fleece

Needle felt and fleeces for industrial dedusting, hot gas and liquid filtration complete the picture of the Dierig filtration fabrics product range. These filtration fabrics are used for various applications i.e. as filter bags in flue gas cleaning systems (FGC), waste material filters or as belt filters for the REA gypsum production and product filtration (dry and liquid). All available polymers in low- or high-temperature applications are at your disposal for your special requirements.


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Technical yarns

Dierig also supplies technical yarns made from various materials for weaving mills and manufacturers. These special yarns are used for industrial protective clothing, heat protection, filtration (liquid & hot gas) and conveyor belts. Depending on their application these yarns are made of cotton, viscose, polyester and other polymers..


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